Providing a caring professional Veterinary house call service to your door, servicing the Perth metro area*

Services Provided

House Calls

My regular hours are 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 12pm Saturdays. I may be able make emergency house calls outside these hours but there are extra charges.

Consultations and Health Checks

I can assess your animal by giving a thorough physical examination as well as discussing your pets background & relevant medical history. Often treatment can be carried out at the time however some conditions may require further tests, referral to a specialist or even surgery. Surgery is only carried out at a registered Veterinary Clinic or Hospital.


I recommend the core Vaccinations for both cats and dogs…there are several diseases which affect both dogs and cats that may be prevented by vaccination. Remember, prevention is better than cure and of course, included with every vaccination is a thorough health check.

Dogs: There are 2 basic vaccines for dogs, the C3 Vaccine and the C5 Vaccine.

Canine C3 Vaccine: Is considered the core vaccination for dogs and provides protection against Canine Distemper, Canine Adenovirus and Canine Parvovirus.

Canine C5 Vaccine: This vaccine includes the C3 Vaccination as well as protection against Canine Parainfluenza and Borditella Bronchiseptica, two main causes of Kennel Cough.

Cats: I provide the Feline F5 vaccine, which protects against Feline Enteritis, Feline Rhinotracheitis /Herpesvirus (part of the cat flu complex) and Feline Calicivirus (also part of the cat flu complex). These diseases can prove to be fatal in unvaccinated cats, regardless of whether they are kittens or adults.

I highly recommended for vaccination against FeLV for outdoor cats and those that may get into catfights.

Heartworm Prevention

Heartworm prevention is very important for your dog. Interestingly, heartworm is spread by mosquitoes not dogs! The adult stage of the worm eventually lodges in the dogs heart, hence its name. It can cause death through congestive heart failure. Fortunately it is easily prevented by either monthly oral chews, top-spot combinations or a yearly injection. Ask me for more information.


Legislation is being passed making microchipping of your cat or dog mandatory. It’s actually a great idea as it makes identification very easy if your pet becomes lost as it is a way to identify and link your animal to you. The microchip (about the size of a rice grain) is inserted under the skin using a needle. It is a very quick process and can be done during the consultation.

Dental Check

Dental Disease is a growing concern in our pets today. Bad teeth or gums can not only lead to bad breath, but severe pain and inflammation that can affect your pet’s comfort, eating and health. Severe dental disease results in increased bacteria in you pet’s mouth, this may lead to bacteria entering the blood stream and possibly damaging major organs including the heart.

Checking your pet’s teeth will enable an appropriate treatment plan or diet to be formulated to help prevent dental disease.

Anal Gland Expression

Have you noticed your pet scooting, rubbing or trying to chew its bottom? Your dog may have full or blocked anal glands and this may be a sign that they need emptying.

Both cats and dogs have these glands used in scent identification and marking of territory. This is why dogs greet each other by smelling their bottoms! If the anal glands become too full and are not being emptied properly, this can risk infection and even rupture. Most glands will empty when you pet defecates, however, if there has been softer stools for a few days, or there is an anatomical abnormality (narrow emptying ducts), this can disturb the emptying process. Always allow a professional to express your pet’s anal glands, incorrect or rough technique can be dangerous to your pet.

Home Euthanasia

Euthanasia is without doubt the most difficult decision you may have to make for your pet. However it may be the most compassionate thing you can do if your pets quality of life is diminished. Home euthanasia is a peaceful way to say goodbye in familiar surroundings of your home.

I sedate all animals which helps make this difficult time as stress free and as peaceful as possible.

I can assist you with arrangement of a variety of professional individual burial and cremation services for your pet.

Please see our fees schedule for the cost of this service.


I can help with advice on nutrition if requested or needed. Pets with weight problems, diabetes, liver or kidney problems, pancreatitis or even bad teeth may benefit from a prescription or wellness diet to suit.

Veterinary Pet Supplies

If you pre- order your pet food, I can deliver premium quality pet food and prescription diets to your door at the time of consultation. Please note you will need to order in advance and payment is required prior to or on delivery.

Flea products have come a long way and are extremely effective in preventing your pet from becoming infested with fleas. I can supply a complete range of flea prevention products at competitive prices.

Intestinal worms can be dangerous not only to your pet but also to humans so it is particularly important to regularly worm your cat and dog. Please ask me about worming for your pet.