Providing a caring professional Veterinary house call service to your door, servicing the Perth metro area*

Services Provided

House Calls

My regular hours are 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 12pm Saturdays. I may be able make emergency house calls outside these hours but there are extra charges.

Consultations and Health Checks

I can assess your animal by giving a thorough physical examination as well as discussing your pets background & relevant medical history. Often treatment can be carried out at the time however some conditions may require further tests, referral to a specialist or even surgery. Surgery is only carried out at a registered Veterinary Clinic or Hospital.


I recommend the core Vaccinations for both cats and dogs…there are several diseases which affect both dogs and cats that may be prevented by vaccination. Remember, prevention is better than cure and of course, included with every vaccination is a thorough health check.


Legislation is being passed making microchipping of your cat or dog mandatory. It’s actually a great idea as it makes identification very easy if your pet becomes lost as it is a way to identify and link your animal to you. The microchip (about the size of a rice grain) is inserted under the skin using a needle. It is a very quick process and can be done during the consultation.

Home Euthanasia

Euthanasia is without doubt the most difficult decision you may have to make for your pet. However it may be the most compassionate thing you can do if your pets quality of life is diminished. Home euthanasia is a peaceful way to say goodbye in familiar surroundings of your home.

I sedate all animals which helps make this difficult time as stress free and as peaceful as possible.

I can assist you with arrangement of a variety of professional individual burial and cremation services for your pet.

Please see our fees schedule for the cost of this service.